Andros, or Andro (Greek: Άνδρος) is the northernmost island of the Greek Cyclades archipelago, approximately 10 km south east of Euboea, and about 3 km north of Tinos.

It is nearly 40 km long, and its greatest breadth is 16 km (10 mi). Its surface is for the most part mountainous, with many fruitful and well-watered valleys. The area is 380 km2. The largest towns are Andros (town), Gávrio, Bátsi, and Órmos Korthíou.

andros-apartments-03Andros today has big tourist development, because of the many beautiful beaches, trails, natural wealth, the rich aquifer and its many attractions. Also, being located just two hours from Athens, make a good destination for short breaks from the capital. The most touristic city is the Town and Andros and then Gavrio, the Korthis Bay, Apikia and Cyprus.

It is worth visiting the Square of the Unknown Sailor. The area where the oldest mansions of Empirikous, before Germans bomb them in 1943, today is a shaped square with the statue. Characteristic of Andros are also many old monasteries. Worth visiting the monastery of St. Marina village opposite the colony, with the holy water and the miraculous icon of St. Marina, St. Nikolaos where the fragrant icon of Our Lady of Vlachernon of Mary Immaculate which was built by Nikiforos Fokas in 963-969 AD and the skull of St. Panteleimon, and Zodohou Pigis (or Agias as the locals call it) which is the largest monastery of Andros.


Andros has dozens of sandy and rocky beaches, since the coastline is 176 km

The most popular sandy beaches are Nimborio in the Country, Gold Beach in Kipri and Ahla which is accessible by boat starting from the port of Chora or from the dirt road that only cars with four-wheel drive can cross it. Of course there are rocky beaches that are popular such as Yalia on narrow, the Chalkolimionas in Stavropeda the beach of the village Sineti prudent. Also proposed the beaches of Grias to Pidima (by car) and Bouros (by boat). Both located in Korthi. Distinguished both for its unspoiled natural beauty. Remarkable is the beach of Zorkos, north of the island with amazing water in a commanding location! To the north of the island are the beaches and Vitali Pisolimionas. At Korthis Bay there is the sandy beach of Mylos which is ideal for lovers of surfing and windsurfing, because when north wind is blowing raises big waves.

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